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Exposition / Spotlight partitions

Spotlight partitions

Spotlight partitions represent a universal system that performs the task of creating a separate exhibition spaces and sites. The principle of construction - modular. Partition design provides a proper exposure of any complexity in a short time, the ability to re-use the same partition, adjust to any collection, change arbitrarily of exposition volumes.

Exhibition design allows installation of partitions mounted lighting systems with different design and power for lights. The system consists of devices for storing and transporting the possible partitions, not involved in the ongoing exhibition.

Along the perimeter of each partition there is a metal frame with special profile (aluminum) to stiffen, and the possibility of multiple and quick assembly / disassembly. Both sides of the partition are filled with white plastic panels that provides increased rigidity for partitions with large size and also lowers the weight of them.

Typical dimensions of partitions are defined with standard size of plastic sheet made of foam PVC: 3000x2000x5mm. Frequently used size partitions: 2500x1000mm, 2000x1500mm, 2300x1000mm, the most cost-effective is the size of the partition 3000x1000mm, as this plastic waste is minimal. The thickness of the wall partitions is 32mm. Corner joints are used to connect 2, 3 or 4 panels at an angle of 90 degrees and swivel connectors - 2 panels for 90-180 degrees angle. The maximum length of corner joints - 4500mm for the maximum size of partitions 4500h1000mm.

Its possible to produce different sizes of partitions depending on customer needs.

Partitions are supplied with leveling feet to compensate for uneven floors.