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Equipment for museums, archives and libraries Equipment for museums, archives and libraries Equipment for museums, archives and libraries

Stages of work

  1. Equipment technical requirements working out :

    • examination of the object;
    • enumeration of the equipment for the object;
    • recommendations (choice of equipment, installation site, quantity, requirements to the installation place).

  2. Technical instruction working out (together with the customer):

    • texts and graphic part;
    • extended specification and list of works;
    • task assigning to the adjacent enterprises working on the project.

  3. Working out of the contract on equipment designing, manufacturing and installation:

    • text of the document (the list of works carried out by the parties and the requirements ratificated by the legal department of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation);
    • contractual price ratification;
    • work scheduling.

  4. Project ratification:

    • with the Customer;
    • with the general designer;
    • State Examination Committee at Gosstroy of the Russian Federation.

  5. Construction and installation works:

    • equipment supply and installation;
    • adjustment works;
    • handing over the works to the customer.

  6. Service instructions:

    • personnel training on the safe operation and servicing of the equipment.

  7. Warranty service from 12 months to 10 years (under obligatory service of the complex):

    • possible malfunctions revealing;
    • malfunction cause determination;
    • debugging;
    • replacement of units and details of the equipment, if necessary.

  8. Service (under the contract):

    • preventive works - scheduled service;
    • repair works - off-schedule service;
    • assistance in system servicing;
    • technical recommendations on system work improvement.