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Equipment for museums, archives and libraries Equipment for museums, archives and libraries Equipment for museums, archives and libraries


In order to find the most effective decision for every project experts of "Raritet" always approach the problem thoroughly and with use of the advanced technologies.

The company specializes on the following works:
  1. Inspection and examination of objects, detailed equipment set and configuration planning.
  2. Working out and agreement of technical requirements for the project.
  3. Working out, agreement, ratification of technical data for the project including:

    • Working-out project-budget documentation;
    • Project documentation agreement.

  4. The documentation is worked out in strict conformity with State Standard (GOST), Building Regulations (SNiP), norms of Fire Supervision, and special requirements of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.
  5. Equipment delivery.
  6. Equipment installation and assembling.
  7. Starting-up and adjustment works.
  8. Consultations and training of the service-personnel.
  9. Guarantee and post-guarantee service.
  10. Constant quality-control of the equipment technical state in order to:

    • reveal deviation from quality requirements;
    • define the reasons that caused deviations;
    • develop and perform actions to eliminate the revealed problems.
Working on the projects and orders, the company aspires to preserve its creative individuality and observes all ethical business principles, which deserves high estimation of its customers.